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Med-Linket sincerely thanks for your trust and support! At Med-Linket we constantly pursue one goal: to deliver the high standards of service to our customers.

We recognize that from time to time things will go wrong and that we will not have provided the high standards of service that we pride ourselves upon. Thus every two month we will conduct the survey for the customer who made the orders in last two month, so that we can put things right quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

Below are some reviews received by our existing customers:

1. We tried everything and it worked to perfection I have to say Med-linket products are A+.

---A customer from USA.

2. You can‘t tell the difference with the genuine item which I have here in my office so I am happy to go ahead.

---A customer from UK

3. As part of our Quality System Management process I’m sending to you the result of the evaluation that our company did to your company during last days, you got 100.

Regarding to sales person service: Good communication and our question have been answerer quickly when needed, fast quotations;

---A customer from Mexico

4. All of the med-linket cuffsthe genuine and our old cuffs had better hosing but your actual quality is better.

---A customer from South Africa

5. The effect of improvement: when we had some problem (not big) for example the screw color black for Phillips EKG, the solution arrived in the next order.

---A customer from Uruguay

6. We are very well with your products and your services.

---A customer from Italy.

7. We can give the rating “Very Satisfied” for the quality, price and service which we have from your company.

---A customer from Russia

8. Dear friends, we are quite satisfied from your services.

---A customer from Poland.

9. We evaluates every year the suppliers performance using four basic parameters: quality,  packing quality, product quality and delivery performance. Every parameter has a numeric score.

    Quality: MED-LINK achieved 20 points which is the maximum score;

    Packing quality: MED-LINK achieved 20 points which is the maximum score;

    Product quality: MED-LINK achieved 40 points which is the maximum score;

    Delivery Performance: MED-LINK achieved 20 points which is the maximum score;

    SHENZHEN MED-LINK ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LTD final score was 100 points.

---A customer from Columbia.