Med-linket-Disposable ECG Lead Wires Series(Snap)


Market conditions

★ One study in the US found that 77% of reusable ECG leads were contaminated with at least
one antibiotic-resistant pathogen even after they had been cleaned and prepared for the next
★ Each year in the United States, patients contract nearly 1.7 million infections in the hospital
while they are being treated for something else. These Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI’s)
result in nearly 100,000 patient deaths per year.
★ Clinical alarms have been identified as one of the top 10 technology hazards.
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine reported that 99.4% of monitor alarms were
determined to be false and less than 1% of monitor alarms resulted in a change in patient

Product Advantage

Photo Feature Benefit
2 Single Patient Use Patient to monitor protection that
decreases the risk of cross
contamination and improves patient
3 Fully Shielded
Leadwires Design
Reduces the risk of Electromagnetic
Interference (EMI)
4 Peelable Ribbon
Cable Design
Prevents lead wire entanglement and
can be a customized fit to any patient
5 Side button and visual
connection design
Provide clinicians with a locking
and visualization mechanism to
achieve faster, efficient and firm
Clinically proven to reduce the risk
of “leads off” false alarms
6 Easy to used electrode
colors Lightweight
smooth design
Easy and quick lead placement
Added patient comfort

Scope of Application

Work with the corresponding electrode and connect monitor in recording these impulses though
body surface.for anesthesia room, operating room, ICU, cardiology, emergency department.

Product Parameter

NO Compatible
Original NO. MED-LINK
Specification Photo
1 Philips 989803173121 EDGD040P3I 3 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC A
989803173131 EDGD040P5I 5 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC
2 GE Healthcare 2052104-007 EED029P5I 5 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC B
3 Drager MP00875 EQD040P3I 3 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC C
MP00879 EQD040P5I 5 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC
4 Covidien 33103 END0403P3I 3 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC D
33105 END0405P5I 5 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC
5 Datex / EHD040P3I 3 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC E
6 Mindray 0010-30-4290 EJD040P3I 3 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC F
EJD040P5I 5 Leads,Snap,40in(1M),IEC

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