Med-linket-New Product Disposable Esophageal ( recta ) Temp. Probe W0104F


Product Advantage

★ Smooth and soft to insert and out body cavity by the design of smooth probe;
★ With completely closed design to provide excellent insulating and waterproof, more safe and
★ To ensure depth of body-cavity position with each 5cm clear scale interval;
★ It’s easy to insert body cavity after lubrication with smooth and waterproof surface which made
by blue PVC of medical level;
★ By using disposable probe, effectively eliminate cross-contamination between patients.
Scope of Application

With the corresponding patient monitors in monitoring temperature of patient.
Product Parameter

Compatible Brand YSI 400 series and YSI 400 tech Monitor
Brand Medlinket MED-LINK REF NO. W0104F
Specification Length 0.6M, Bule,2.252KΩ Original Model 8001644
Weight 11g / pcs
Package 1 pcs/ bag,24bag/Box Related Products W0099F、W0001G

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