What are the characteristics of Medlinket’s new silicone SpO2 sensor?

Technical problems of silicone soft tip SpO2 sensor:

1. The prior art sensor finger sleeve has no light-shielding structure at the front cuff opening. When a finger is inserted into the finger sleeve, it is easy to open the finger sleeve to expand and deform the front cuff opening, causing external light to enter the finger sleeve sensor and affect vital signs Monitor the accuracy of data and other performance.

2 In the prior art, the rear cannula opening of the sensor finger sleeve is mostly open. When the tested finger is inserted into the sensor finger cuff for vital signs monitoring, it is easy to move the tested finger at the rear cannula opening due to hand movement or cable dragging. Position, affecting the results of vital signs monitoring.

3. In the prior art sensor finger sleeve structure, when a finger is inserted into the finger sleeve, it will compress the arteries of the finger, resulting in poor blood perfusion and affecting the results of vital signs monitoring. And when the sensor finger sleeve is worn for a long time, the tested finger is prone to numbness due to the long-lasting gripping force, which causes an uncomfortable experience for the patient.

Medlinket introduced new silicone soft type SpO2 sensor and silicone ring type SpO2 sensor, avoiding the shortcomings of the existing technology. Let's take a look at the special features of these two products.

Silicone ring type SpO2 sensor

Silicone ring type SpO2 sensors

Product Advantage

★ It can be adapted to different finger sizes and various measurement positions

★ Wear the probe freely, does not affect the finger activity.

Scope of Application

Use with oximeter or monitor to collect oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

Silicone soft type SpO2 sensor

Silicone soft type SpO2 sensor

Product Advantage

★ The front casing is equipped with a light-blocking structure, which can effectively reduce the external light entering the sensor, the monitoring data is more accurate;

★ The design of the concave-convex structure of the finger sleeve to avoid putting finger sleeve to move off position;

★ The finger sleeve is "top long and bottom short" structure design,reduces the pressure on arterial blood vessels, avoids affecting the degree of perfusion, and is more comfortable to use.

Scope of Application

Use with monitor to collect oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

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  • Post time: Sep-16-2021