Medlinket foreign customer declaration letter



Dear Customers

Thank you for your long term support of Shenzhen Med-link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd.

In order to serve your company better, now Med-linket makes the following informations announcement:


1、  Official Website

Official Website of Consumables: 

Official Website of Equipment


2、 Suffix of the Official Mailbox and ,


Email Address of General

Email Address of Sales

Email Address of Customer


3Home Link of Linkedin

4、Home Link of Facebook

5、Home Link of YouTube

6、Home Link of ins

7、Home Link of Twitter


The rest claim that Med-linket Company is illegal.If you have any questions, please contact us at 400-058-0755 to deal with them.


                                               Shenzhen Med-link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd.

                                     June 222021

英文——新-美的连国外客户沟通方式声明函 (1)

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  • Post time: Jun-23-2021