Pluse Oximeter AM801

Product Name: Pluse Oximeter

Brand: Medlinket

Model No.: AM801

Specification: 31.5g,L*W*H:61*34*30.5(mm)

Display Parameters: 

SpO2, Temperature, Heart Rate, PR, Perfusion Index, Plethysmograph, PP, PPG

Sensor Type: Finger clip, Silicone, Silicone wrap, Ear clip, Y type Multisite

Applicable Person: Adult, Pediatric, Infant, Neonate


Quality Certification: CE, FDA, NMPA……

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Product Description:
Temp-Pulse Oximeter, fingertip pulse oximeter, Pluse Oximeter

Display Parameters:
SpO2, Temperature, Heart Rate, PR, Perfusion Index, Plethysmograph, PP, PPG

Measuring Accuracy:
SpO2: 90%-99%, ±2%; 70% to 89%, ±3%
Pulse rate: ±3bpm
Temperature: 25℃ to 45℃(77°F to 113°F):±0.1℃


Medlinket Pluse Oximeter Features:
1. Compact size, easy to carry;
2. Rotate OLED Screen, Energy-saving: Convenient to read at different angles;
3. Continuous Monitoring SpO2 and Body Temperature;
4. Anti-shake Function:  imported chips , which can be measured under static and dynamic conditions;
5. Intelligent alarm, set the upper and lower limits of blood oxygen saturation/pulse rate/body temperature;
6. CE Approved, Medical Grade;
7. Separate external blood oxygen probe (optional), temperature probe, suitable for different people such as adult/child/infant/newborn;
8.Intelligent Bluetooth, one health transmission:Data Bluetooth transmission, docking Meixin Nurse APP, real-time record sharing and viewing more monitoring data.(Only applicable to Bluetooth oximeter)
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  • Application Crowd
    1. People with vascular diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral thrombosis, …);
    2. People with respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, …) ;
    3. The elderly over 60 years old have physiological aging of heart and lung organs, insufficient oxygen intake and poor oxygen supply ;
    4. People who work more than 12 hours a day have increased oxygen consumption in the brain and the oxygen supply cannot meet the consumption;
    5. Blood oxygen monitoring in extreme sports and alpine hypoxia environment;
    6. Long-term alcoholics;
    7. Newborns, screening for congenital heart disease and other diseases.

    Application Scenario
    Hospital rounds, social health centers, oxygen bars, fitness training places, families and individuals, etc.

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