Disposable SpO2 Sensor

Product Name: Disposable SpO2 Sensor

Brand: Medlinket

Specification: Disposable SpO2 Sensor,Neonatal/Adult,Non-woven

Applicable Person: Adult, Pediatric, Infant, Neonate


Quality Certification: CE, FDA, NMPA……

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Compatibility information:

Compatible Brand Original Model
Nellcor D25、N25、D20、I20、MAX-A、MAX-P、MAX-I、MAX-N
Nihon Kohden TL-251T、TL-252T、TL-253T
Masimo 0010-10-42627、0010-10-42628、0010-10-42629、0010-10-42630、1001/LNOP Adtx、1800/LNOP inf-L、1798/LNOP Neo-L、1025/LNOP Pdtx、1859/LNCS Adtx、1860/LNCS Pdtx、2329/LNCS Neo


Product features:
1. High accuracy: Through the clinical evaluation of blood oxygen accuracy in the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University;
2. Complete certification: NMPA, FDA and TUV ISO13485, CE;
3. Good compatibility: It can adapt to most mainstream brands and models of monitors in hospitals;
4. Safety and reliability: Through biocompatibility evaluation;
5. High cost performance: Suitable for different groups, a variety of choices.

Med-linket has 17 years of experience as a medical manufacturer, specializing in producing and exporting medical sensors & cable assemblies for anesthesia & ICU, and solution for remote monitoring of vital signs. It can provide OEM / ODM services according to your needs.
If you need more information, please feel free to contact us: marketing@med-linket.com.

*Disclaimer: All the registered trademarks, product names, models, etc. shown in the above contents are owned by the original holder or the original manufacturer. This is only used to explain the compatibility of the MED-LINKET products, and nothing else! All the above information is for reference only, and should not be used as a working guide for medical institutions or related units. Otherwise, any consequences will be irrelevant to the company.

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