Respiratory Humidifier Temperature Probe W0127I

Product Name: Respiratory Humidifier Temperature Probe W0127I

Brand: medlinket

Specification:Length 6.5ft (2M)6-pin, 2.252KΩ


Original model: 900MR861,900MR869

Compatible models: Fisher & Paykel 700 series, HC550 humidifier, MR850 humidifier,RT-Series Breathing Circuit

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Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Advantage

★ Ergonomically design, easier plug-in connection.;

★ Dust net tail design, easy to clean and disinfect;

★ Latex free, cost-effective.;

Scope of Application

Connected with respiratory humidifier and heated breathing circuit and used for heating of single breathing circuit to avoid condensate water in the tube line.

Product Parameter

Compatible Brand

Fisher & Paykel 700 series, HC550 humidifier, MR850 humidifier,

RT-Series Breathing Circuit



Order Code



Length 2.6ft (0.8M)

Round 4-pin




54.5g / pcs

Price Code



1 pcs/ bag

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