Disposable Flow Sensor

Product Name:Disposable Flow Sensor
Compatible Brand:HAMILTON-C6/S1/G5/C3/C2/C1/T1/MR1,GALILEO,RAPHAEL
Order Code:FT800
Specification:Length:1.88m,OD 15mm
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Product Advantage:
1. Accurately measure the patient's proximal flow and pressure data to better assess the patient's lung condition;
2. Single patient use to prevent cross infection;
3. Clear flow arrow identification and color distinction, easier to identify and operate;
4. Good biocompatibility, latex free, avoid allergic reactions to patients.

Scope of Application:
Used with a suitable ventilator to measure proximal patient flow and pressure data.

Product Parameter:

Compatible Models




Order code



Length: 1.88m, OD 15mm

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Adults, Children

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