Grounding Pad and cable

Product Name:Grounding Pad and cable

Brand: Medlinket

Specification:Grounding Pad . Pediatric, Monopolar. Price Code: A1/pcs, MOQ: 1box


Original model: 

Compatible model:Philips: V24; HP

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Both ends of the cable are respectively connected to negative plate and HF electrosurgical instruments, providing a safe return path for electrosurgical current during high-frequency electrocautery.

1. High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization.

2. Patient return plate cable length 4M or 3M, long enough,  to ensure the doctor convenience and patient comfort.

Can produce cables with different connectors to match different instruments.

Image Model Compatible Brand: Item description Package Type
负极板 P287 - Grounding Pad . Pediatric, Monopolar. Price Code: A1/pcs, MOQ: 1box 1pcs/bag, 50bags/box, 8boxes/Carton

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