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Shenzhen Med-link Electronics  Tech Co.,Ltd, a new three board listed company which was founded in 2004, has been committed to human health career and specialized in providing superior quality medical sensors & cable assemblies for intensive care and anesthesia surgery, it is a leading medical consumables solution provider in China, a national high-tech enterprise which set R & D, manufacturing, marketing & service in one, its headquarter based in Shenzhen, China.
મેડ-linket નવીનતા, તબીબી અને બજારની માગને નજીક સંકલિત, સફળતાપૂર્વક જેવી કે તબીબી કેબલ સ્થળોના, તબીબી કારણ કે ઉત્પાદનો 3,000 કરતાં વધારે પ્રકારના કુલ રકમ વિકસાવી છે ...

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