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FAQ for SpO2 Sensor &Extension Cable

I. No Blood Oxygen,No luminescence

1,   Possible cause:Luminescent pipe was broken                                               Solution:   contact manufacturer

2,   Possible cause:The luminous tube side cable short circuit                           Solution:   contact manufacturer

3,   Possible cause:Machine-end connection is bad                                           Solution:   Connect the ends of the machine

4,   Possible cause:incorrect polarity                                                                     Solution:   contact manufacturer

5,   Possible cause:The plug is too loose, could not receive the host signal     Solution:   contact manufacturer

II. No Blood Oxygen and wavefor

1,   possible cause:Receiver tube anomalies                                                        Solution:   contact manufacturer to repair

2,   Possible cause:unstable, luminescence, receiver tube circuit breaker         Solution:   contact manufacturer to repair

3,   Possible cause:incompatible                                                                           Solution: Choose the right compatible model

4,   Possible cause:Light-Leaking Seriously                                                          Solution:Re-use according to the instruction manual

5,   Possible cause:Probe selection error                                                              Solution: According to the machine instructions to select the correct probe

6,   Possible cause: testing position there is no alignment LEDs and receiver   Solution:Re-use according to the instruction manual

7,   Possible cause:Patient Attention is too low try several measurements        Solution:Please go to the hospital for accurate diagnosis

8,   Possible cause:The fingers are trembling or the patient's body is moving  Solution:Don’t Move

III. The skin of the test site is red and swollen

Possible cause:The probe has not been loosened for a long time                Solution:Long term test finger where you need change the test every 4 hours

IV. display on Blood oxygen values,luminescence,but the blood oxygen is low

Possible cause:incorrect polarity                                                                      Solution:Contact manufacturer

FAQ for ECG Cable and lead wires Cable

I. ECG cannot be displayed correctly

1,   Possible cause:Lead wires or ECG Cable cannot compatible                         Solution:please contact our sales to select correct model

2,   Cable doesn’t work,incorrect polarity                                                           Solution:contact supplier

3,   Machine end or patient end connect incorrectly                                           Solution:to connect the ECG cable well

II. The waveform is unstable and the burr is too more

1,   Possible cause: some other machine interfere around                                  Solution:Remove interfering machine

2,Possible cause:patient is shaking                                                                    Solution:make patient stop to shake and  has remained relatively static

3,Possible cause: Cable anti-interference is poor                                              Solution:to contact supplier

NIBP CUFF & see Attachment for common faults

The blood pressure showed incorrect

1,   Possible cause:the machine end connection incorrect                                  Solution:Connect the ends of the machine

2,   Possible cause:patient is shaking                                                                    Solution:patient stop to shake and  has remained relatively static

3,   Possible cause:repeated test in a short time                                                   Solution:re-test after 15minutes

4,   Possible cause: host exception                                                                        Solution:replace the host

5,   Possible cause:Testing parts of the sleeves tied up is incorrect                    Solution:According to the icon shows and binding the position of cuff

6,   Possible cause:selected a wrong size of cuff                                                  Solution:to select a suitable cuff according to patient and machine

FAQ for Temp Probe and extension Cable

Temperature shows incorrect

1,   Possible cause:host exception                                                                        Solution:replace the host

2,   ossible cause:probe or connect cable incompatible with machine             Solution:select compatible model according to manual illustration

3,   Possible cause:probe or cable has broken                                                     Solution:to replace new probe or extension cable

4,   Possible cause:machine end connect incorrect                                             Solution:connecting the cable and end of machine well