Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Probes

Product Name:Disposable Esophageal/Rectal Probes

Brand: Medlinket

Specification:Adult Esophageal/RectalProbe, 0.8 m,25°C@2.25KΩ, 3.5 monoplug>>φ4.0mm tip


Original model: 

Compatible model:Philips

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Features of disposable cavity temperature probe for clinical application:

1. Blue medical PVC tube, smooth & waterproof;

2. Round & smooth jacket surface makes it non-invasive to be inserted & removed;

3. Insulation protection against the risk of electric shock to the patient, it prevents the liquid flowing into the junction and ensures correct reading;

4. Disposable  use, no cross infection;

5. Quick and safe operation, it is more receptive to patients and reduces the risk of exposure to mercury;

Single-patient using, it can greatly reduce the risk of cross-infection between patient & patient to ensure safety of patient and avoid medical disputes; we choose high-precision thermistor to match with excellent structural design to ensure the accuracy of measurement and rapid response.

Image Model Compatible Brand: Item description Package Type
W0003F Philips • Reusable temperature probes with Single Thermistors • Available in Rectal/Esoph ageal; All Philips temperature monitors that accept two-prong plugs Adult Esophageal/RectalProbe, 0.8 m,25°C@2.25KΩ, 3.5 monoplug>>φ4.0mm tip 24pcs/pk
W0001F Philips A3 series monitor Instrument: M3926A, M3927A, M3928A, M3929A; Marquette 7000/7010,GE Eagle, Solar, Tram, Tramscope, MAC-Lab Systems Adult Esophageal/Rectal Probe, 0.7 m, 25°C@2.25KΩ, Rectangle 2pin>>φ4.0mm tip; Original code:4491 24pcs/pk
W0004F Suitable for China OEM patient monitor: Tianrong :TR900D/E; Anke :ASC553A3, ASC553; Comon : star 8000A/B/C, star 5000,5000B/C Adult Esophageal/Rectal Probe, 0.8 m,25°C@10KΩ, Rectangle 2pin>>φ4.0mm tip 24pcs/pk

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