Disposable Non-invasive EEG sensor B0054A

Product Name: Disposable Non-invasive EEG sensor B0054A

Brand: medlinket

Specification: adapter wire length 0.35m, 10 sets of electrode pieces


Original model: 186-0106

Compatible models: BIS VISTA,Philips MP40/50 series,GE Dash series, Mindray BeneView series monitor

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Disposable Non-invasive EEG sensor B0054A

Product Advantage

★ Cost effectivesave hospital costs;

★ High-quality conductive EEG glue, fast response and accurate measurement;

★ There is no need to touch the needle into the patient's skin, which improves the signal quality and reduces the patient's pain.

Scope of Application  

It is used with EEG monitoring equipment to non-invasively measure patients' EEG signals.

Product Parameter

Compatible Brand

BIS VISTA,Philips MP40/50 series,

GE Dash series, Mindray BeneView series monitor






 Extension cable length 14in(0.35M)

10 sets of electrode pads

Related original models


Packing list

10 sets (40PCS) electrode pads,

 1 adapter cable

Price Code



1 set/ bag

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