E9003CP Compatible ECG Leadwires EE029A3I-01

Product Name:E9003CP Compatible ECG Leadwires EE029A3I-01

Brand: medlinket

Specification: 0.75m long; 3-lead; European standard


Original model:E9003CP

Compatible model:GE Marquette

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Product Detail

Product Tags

E9003CP Compatible ECG Leadwires EE029A3I-01

Product Advantage

★ Integrated molding electrode tail sleeve anti-dust design to make cleaning easier;

★ The color of cable and clip electrode is clear and easy to identify;

★ Soft, comfortable and environmentally friendly TPU material, excellent shielding performance and anti-interference performance, transmitting ECG signals without external interference.

Scope of Application

It is used with the ECG electrode and is connected between the instrument and the electrode. and used to transmit the ECG signal collected from the human body surface.

Product Parameter

Compatible Brand

GE Marquette






Length 29 inch ;3 lead;IEC

Original NO.



51g / pcs

Price Code



1 pcs/ bag

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