HyLink ECG Cable

Product Name:HyLink ECG Cable

Brand: Medlinket



Original model: 98111024022

Compatible model:Philips

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1. Upique new type electeode clip,zero pressure to connect electrode.

2. Silver-platinum conductor has longer lifetime and better signal transmission.

3. Non-removable TPU ensures the confort and strength,without hurt to the machine.

4. The data cable with antibacterial agent can inhibit bacteria effectively.

Bending lifetime:1000times Cable tension:10KG Insertion lifetime:10000times Contact resistance:100Mohm Noise:1000VAC Tension between socket and cable:8KG Tension between connector and cable:8KG

Image Model Compatible Brand: Item description Package Type
98122831015 SCHILLER Twelve lead wires, European standard 1piece/pk
98122841015 SCHILLER 12LD AHA EKG 1pcs/bag
98111024022 Philips clip,5LD,AHA,(0.75M/1.0M) 1pcs/bag
98111023041 SIEMENS clip,5LD,IEC 1M 1pcs/bag
98111023031 GE MEDICAL clip,5LD,IEC(0.75M/1M Injecting plug) 1pcs/bag
98111022031 Marquette 3LD, CLIP, AAMI Leads(1M Injection molding plug) 1pcs/bag
98111022021 Philips 3LD, CLIP,AAMI Leads(0.58M/1.0M) 1pcs/bag
98111021022 Philips clip, 3-Ld,IEC,(1.0M) 1pcs/bag
98111023021 Philips clip,5LD,IEC(0.56M/1.0M) 1pcs/bag
98111022041 Siemens AHA, 3LD:A, CLIP,1M 1pcs/bag

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