Medical isolation mask(FS-L1 )

Product Name: medical isolation mask

Brand: medlinket


Model: fs-l1 fs-l2 fs-m1 fs-m2 fs-s1 fs-s2

Original model:

Product Detail

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Medical isolation mask

【Performance characteristics】

1. This product uses polymer materials for all-round face isolation and protection.

2. The product is light in weight, high in transparency, comfortable to wear, and free of load.

3. This product has anti-static, anti-vertigo and other features.

4. Effectively prevent blurred vision caused by temperature difference and water vapor (anti-fog products only). 5. Safety protection, high efficiency blocking blood, droplets, saliva splash.

【Scope of application】

Used in medical institutions for protection during inspection and treatment, blocking liquid, blood splashing or splashing.

【Usage scenarios】

Use scene of medical mask


Parameters of medical isolation mask

【product information】

Product name: Medical isolation mask

Product number:FS-L1 FS-L2 FS-M1 FS-M2 FS-S1 FS-S2

Medical device production record certificate number:

Medical device product record certificate number:

Product technical requirement number:

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