Looking for proper anesthesia depth monitoring? Disposable Non-invasive EEG sensors also need to be more useful ~

The key to anesthesia and ICU is anesthesia depth monitoring. How can we achieve appropriate anesthesia depth monitoring? In addition to the need for an experienced anesthesiologist, an anesthesiologist depth monitorand the disposable non-invasive EEG sensor used with the anesthesia monitor must also be more powerful.

Disposable Non-invasive EEG sensors

Disposable Non-invasive EEG sensors 

We know that the depth of anesthesia is the degree to which the body is inhibited by the combination of anesthesia and stimulation on the body. As the intensity of anesthesia and stimulation increases and decreases, the depth of anesthesia changes correspondingly.

Anesthesia depth monitoring has always been a concern of anesthesiologists. Too shallow or too deep will cause physical or mental harm to patients. Maintaining an appropriate depth of anesthesia is important to ensure patient safety and provide good surgical conditions.

It is reported that BIS has a good correlation with the concentration of most anesthetic drugs, so for the guidance of intraoperative anesthetic drug dosage, the use of BIS monitoring, according to the monitoring results to guide the use of anesthetic drugs,which can better maintain the depth of anesthesia and play a good anesthetic effect.

With the development of EEG monitoring technology in recent years,BIS (bispectralindex) has become a recognized method for better monitoring of cerebral cortex function status and changes, and can be used as a common and reliable anesthesia depth monitoring method in clinical practice.

Disposable noninvasive EEG sensor

About BIS

BIS is a statistical value derived from a dual-frequency EEG record of the output of different anesthetic drugs in a large sample. This data was obtained mainly from a large sample of subjects receiving dual anesthesia drugs infused with dual-frequency EEG records, and the state of consciousness, sedation level, and all recorded EEG constituted a database. Then, based on the electroencephalogram (EEG) frequency spectrum and power spectrum, the number of mixed information fits obtained from nonlinear analysis of phase and harmonics is added.

BIS is the only anaesthesia sedation monitoring index approved by the US FDA, which can monitor cerebral cortical function status and changes better , has certain sensitivity to predict body movement, intraoperative awareness, and loss and recovery of consciousness, and can reduce anesthetic drugs Dosage is a more accurate method of judging the sedation level and monitoring the depth of anesthesia by EEG.

BIS monitoring index

BIS value 100, awake state; BIS value 0, no EEG activity (cerebral cortex inhibition), (cerebral cortex inhibition). BIS value is generally considered to be normal between 85 and 100. 65~85 are sedative; 40~65 are anaesthesia. <40 May present burst suppression.

In order to monitor the accurate and appropriate depth of anesthesia at critical moments, the disposable non-invasive eeg sensor used with anesthesia depth monitoring should also be useful, so that the number of indicators in any state can be accurately displayed.

Shenzhen Med-link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Med-linket) has 15 years of research experience in medical cable assemblies. After years of clinical verification, we have independently developed a disposable non-invasive EEG sensor, which is compatible with branded anesthesia depth monitors with BIS modules such as Mindray and Philips. The measurement is sensitive, the value is accurate, and the anti-interference ability is strong. It helps the anesthesiologist to closely monitor the unconscious patient and give corresponding control and treatment measures in time according to the monitoring situation.

Disposable noninvasive EEG sensor

Disposable Non-invasive EEG sensors 

Med-linket's disposable non-invasive EEG sensor uses imported conductive glue, low impedance and good viscosity; it has passed national medical device registration certification; passed biocompatibility testing, no cytotoxicity, skin irritation and allergic reactions, it can be used safely . It has been recognized and favored by professional anesthesiologists at home and abroad. It has successfully settled in foreign authoritative medical institutions and several well-known domestic hospitals to help anesthesia and ICU intensive care accurately monitor the depth of anesthesia indicators.

Disposable noninvasive EEG sensor

Choose Med-linket non-invasive EEG sensor, identify Med-linket professional quality, 15 years of intensive cultivation, down-to-earth, with cost-effective medical cable components, help domestic brands break through.

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